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HHS-ACF-Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)
The surge of UAC at the border has increased dramatically recently. ACF- ORR is primarily responsible to provide the children least restrictive setting and to temporarily take care these children, protect them, and place them with sponsors as they go through immigrations court.

DullesSystems as a Prime provided Professional Services Support for the mission objectives of ACF-ORR Program Offices in both current and future-states.

SMEs from DullesSystems were engaged to provide 

  • Innovation & Data Analytics

  • Business Management and Administrative  Support

  • Customer Centricity- Procurement, Change management

  • Logistics and communications Support

  • Analysis and Reporting


Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Master Data Management - Project Integrity

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) implemented Master Data Management capability to keep centralized, single source of business data used across multiple systems, applications, and processes. Master data provides unique information about product, sponsor, application and facility.

  • ​Define and operationalize centralized data management services

  • Support master data needs for key data domains.

  • Informatica MDM, ETL, Data Quality product stacks, Java based lightweight user interface and DROOLs business rules engine are utilized are used for this implementations.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Project: NASA HQ HITSS II contract

The Headquarters Information Technology Support Services (HITSS) contract provides integrated Information Technology (IT), systems engineering and operations, and IT-related management support services to all Mission Directorates and Mission Support Offices at NASA Headquarters.

  • DullesSystems Key resource served as Delivery Manager for Development, Operation and Maintenance of ~ 182 Applications and Websites for NASA HQ Information Technology &Communication Division, over $177M HITSS II contract.

  • Most applications were in legacy cold fusion, Java applications, being converted to either Liferay or Drupal Applications. Heavy integration with Solr search APIs and Open SSO authentication with SiteMinder/Launchpad for public facing websites

  • Managed Application Portfolio strategy and roadmap, multiple project delivery and implementation.

  • Responsible for all documents/deliverables including status reports, monthly presentations, Incident reports, prototype demos, Scrum deliverables and other contract deliverables.

  • Presented in Senior Executive leadership meetings within NASA ITCD and HITSS teams.

  • Major initiatives delivered

    • Reduced Data Footprint and Amazon Cloud Infrastructure Implementation Roadmap

    • Application Modernization/Re-platforming with Modern web technologies from cold fusion to Drupal and Liferay.

    • Reduced operating costs by 28% through retiring multiple legacy applications and adopting open-source Mobile App and Digital Websites.

    • Reduced overall operation cost by Data reconciliation, Data Modeling and Data Warehouse upgrade, Data Load Automation

    • Reduced infrastructure/licensing cost by 20%, by migrating for 47 Oracle 11g Applications to Oracle 12c or MySQL.

    • Managed agile transformation for 23 initiatives and Led HITSS wide Agile roll out.

    • Led Build vs Buy decisions, Alternate Analysis, Tool Evaluation and Vendor management


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations (FDIC)


Communication Capability Challenge and Control (4C)


The 4C system is implemented for the Department of Resolutions and Receivership within the FDIC to have an integrated, end-to-end web-based application that supports key FDIC/DRR Franchise Marketing, Asset Marketing, and Asset Management activities.

Team members of the firm participated in solution development and implementation of Asset, Valuation, Data Integration, Notes modules to support ongoing, pre-close, servicing and close business process of failed financial institutions.

Loss Share Project

  • Under loss share, the FDIC absorbs a portion of the loss on a specified pool of assets which maximizes asset recoveries and minimizes FDIC losses.Loss share also reduces the FDIC's immediate cash needs, is operationally simpler and more seamless to failed bank customers and moves assets quickly into the private sector.

  • Team members of the firm developed software solution to standardize asset import information.

  • Solution is developed in Java, J2EE on SQL Server.

Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporations (PBGC)

Risk Management Early Warning (RMEW)

The IT Modernization effort of PBGC is adopted to meet of PBGC's Strategic Goals of preserve plans and protect pensions of covered workers and retirees. Pay pension benefits on time and accurately, maintain high standards of stewardship and accountability. The Risk Management Early Warning (RMEW) is implemented to meet such goals. It is build with COTS product Team Connect which is integrated to Data Management System (DMS). The team members of the firm are involved in implementation of the solution.

TC is comprised of three components: TC Legal Matters a COTS application, TC Data Mart, and the TC Reports component. The TC COTS application is accessed via a web interface as the TC Data Mart is hosted on web supporting infrastructure. The TC Data Mart provides defined and ad-hoc reporting from data sources linked to the TC database. Reports are deployed to Reports Server and are used to track operational metrics.
DMS is built on the IBM FileNet COTS application suite and the existing FileNet infrastructure, but also adds the mechanism to store the content of those images in a searchable .pdf file format. Emails and other documents are also easily imported into the DMS content repository.
The searchable .pdf files are produced after scanning by the OCR software installed on the FileNet PE. TC and DMS share adatabase, while using separate schemas within that database which is maintained by the PBGC Enterprise DBAs. Each schema is allotted space on the PBGC Database server hosted PBGC’s infrastructure. The FileNet Business Process Manager (BPM) implementation consists of database servers and application servers. The servers are managed by PBGC Infrastructure Administration (IA) and patched per PBGC policy. The security of the FileNet system is documented in the PBGC Image Processing System (IPS) System Security Plan.


Dept. Of Treasury - MHA HAMP

Project: Data Operation and reporting for Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)

  • The largest program within MHA is the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) initiated by Dept. of Treasury. HAMP’s goal is to offer homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure reduced monthly mortgage payments that are affordable and sustainable over the long-term. As part of Data Operations group delivered loan processing, compensation disbursement and Reporting for $29 billion Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

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